Présentation des sports Paralympiques

Les australiens viennent de lancer une campagne de sensibilisation autour de la pratique paralympique. Ils ont réalisé des clips vidéo dont l’un sur la voile. Je vous invite à les consulter. Vous trouverez ci-dessous l’e-mail qui nous ait parvenu via le Comité Paralympique Australien.


Dear Friends and Colleagues

The Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) has produced 14 multi-media clips on  Paralympic sport which we are happy to share with you for use in your own markets.

The purpose of the clips is to introduce Paralympic sport to the wider community.  They are aimed at explaining our sport to people who may be unfamiliar with Paralympic sport.

The first of the videos “What is Paralympic Sport?” is now available on YouTube on the APC website (see link below). The second in the series “Who Competes?” will be available shortly.  All 14 of the clips will be progressively released and available on the APC website over the next 10  weeks. The first two clips are general in nature while the remaining 12 feature individual Paralympic sports.

You are most welcome to use these clips in your own circumstances and embed them within your own websites if you wish.  For those who do not have easy access to YouTube I will endeavour to make available the clips on DVD or USB stick. Just let me know.

Please understand that the clips have been developed with an Australian audience in mind and we have mostly used Australian athletes. But I am sharing the material with you because the messages and themes are universal and relevant to us all.

You can view the first of the 14 video clips “What is Paralympic Sport?” now by following this link:

Best wishes


Greg Hartung
Australian Paralympic Committee
PO Box 596
Sydney Markets
NSW                           2127

M   +61 409 469 988
T     +61 2 6239 1899
F     +61 2 6228 1910



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